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Self Distancing and Education – What next ?

April 6, 2020 admin

Self Distancing and Education – What next ?

Teachers are trained that to be successful they should be able to connect to the child. A teacher who can come to the child and see his/her work in the note book and talk personally on the difficulties student is facing has is considered a good teacher. A student is educated a lot from the expression & body language of the teacher. A class of forty students when is buzzing with discussion and all free to raise hands and ask doubts is considered to be a lively class. It is far beyond the realms of self-distancing & social-distancing; rather goes opposite to it.

Covid-19 - A Self-Distancing & Social Distancing Time

COVID-19 has changed that all if not forever than at least for many more days which we don’t know. The challenging task with the parents is to keep the children engaged, after schools have been taking major time of the daily routine. Now the students are under the constant watch of their parents who if don’t see them doing anything meaningful feel frustrated. Parents are also tasked with maintaining & educating their children on self-distancing, social-distancing & new norms of hygiene.

Is it a Threat, Yes!! Is it also an Opportunity, Umm.. How ??

It is not only good opportunity for schools and teachers to go online but it will also be good for the students to keep them engaged. It has both aspects upside and downside. The downside first. Chalk and duster has been associated with teachers for long and it is not without reason. More experienced a teacher is he/she is more comfortable with chalk and board behind him or her. But on the upside is students are far more comfortable with the technology. COVID-19 has increased the demand for online resources across the world. It has also given opportunities to the teachers to hone up their skills and make themselves comfortable in use technology.


This pandemic is going to change the way we live and we transact our daily routine. It is bound to have its impact on the way education is being imparted. The need to learn new skills of technology in teaching and learning has never been so demanding. The busy school schedule and rigorous work when schools are functioning leaves very less time for teachers to learn patiently. This time has given this opportunity.

Going Online - Maintaining Social-Distancing & Self-Distancing!

It is at this juncture and have joined together to enable teachers to develop online learning resources. We do invite teachers to work in collaboration with us to go online, which is the only option now.

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